Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Randomness from the first few days

It's time once again to do a pic a day for my baby's first year. I captured at least one pic of Max and Ava every single day for their first year, so now it's Lia's turn. And, I promise I won't bombard you all with pics every few days of Lia, but know that I will be taking them:)

Note to Photographers: Today was a great day for me. All of these pics were taken with a D700, and while I haven't put it to the test fully yet (that comes on my wedding this Saturday), I can say that I absolutely love the full frame. Also, all of these images were processed in Lightroom 2.0, which just came out today. I don't know how much different it is yet, but I had to upgrade so I could process my RAW files from my D700. I will say that it has better cloning/healing tools, and a way better tagging/organizing system.

You didn't think I'd forget about Max and Ava did you?

Lion vs. Dragon

Ava tried to eat the camera with her doggie:)