Sunday, July 6, 2008

Married: Beth & Ben

Ceremony & Reception Location: Hobbs Building
Flowers: Branches & Twigs
Cake: Phyllis Hildebrandt
DJ: Brett from Complete Music
Video: A to Z Video

Yesterday was such a perfect day! The weather was amazing, especially considering it's July in the midwest (it's not supposed to be 80 degrees outside), and Beth & Ben had the most wonderful wedding at the Hobbs Building! I almost teared up during the ceremony, and that's not supposed to happen until the father/daughter dance:) Enjoy the teaser pics!

I like this one of Ben and his boys testing out their secret service radios before the ceremony:)

There is always such wonderful emotion during the first meetings. Side note, this is one of Jenny's shots, which she had a bunch make it to the blog tonight, you go babe:)

Love this shot of the guys

A cheek kiss by Beth and her sister:)

I love when I can get into position to capture close-up shots during the ceremony...

Right after the kiss, so happy!

Ben surprised Beth with bagpipes after the ceremony. She was trying to hide her tears with her flowers, but you can't hide from me:)

Beth & Ben wanted a few pictures with the musicians, so of course they were playing:)

If I find a Polaroid (RIP) camera at a wedding, I will come up with something silly for you to do with it.

Now for the onslaught of Jenny's pics. This one rocks, and Beth was working it!

I love the graffiti around the Hobbs building. You put an awesome couple like Beth & Ben in an environment like that, and it's like a photographer's playground:)

Beth wanted some shots using her veil, and Jenny captured this great one!

Another Jenny shot, Beth and Ben were laughing like crazy while their slideshow was going

First dance

Crank That (Soulja Boy)...and they def. cranked it:)

Of course, the ring picture

Some details from the day