Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lots of New Products!

So I wanted to post this today, since it's the last day of the month and we already have 31 blog entries for October... so that means once I post this blog, we have more posts than days in the month of October... Woohoo!! Sorry, I've been saying that alot... it's Max's big thing right now. He says woohoo after just about anything exciting that happens. Anyway, so the whole point of this blog post is to showcase some of the awesome new products that we have. So here goes...

First up, some awesome Zookbinders albums...

Album0 We are pleased to be offering PhotoBooks! These albums are hard cover, storybook style albums that are perfect for family portrait sessions, kids, seniors, engagement portraits, and custom guest books.


These are Zook Books by Zookbinders. These aren't new albums for us per se, but we are now offering 40 side wedding albums!

Album4 Next up, matted wedding albums from Zookbiners. These albums are perfect for the couple who wants a more traditional album.


Album6 Next on the list, our matted parent style album from Zookbinders. 5x7 photos, one on a page.


Album8 In addition to all the awesome albums, we are really excited to offer mounted prints called standouts. We're so excited in fact, that all of the photos we've had printed of our kids lately are done on these standouts. If you haven't seen these in person yet, you might want to come by :)




Feel free to email me with questions on any of these products or current pricing information. We've also got a cool wall display guide to help you figure how to arrange all those mounted prints on your wall :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party 2007: Slideshow

This afternoon we had our second annual Halloween Party! Nothing happens at the Solar household without a camera involved, so here is a slideshow of some of my favorites from the evening. Here's some fun stuff to look for.

1. Zoey trying to eat bubbles
2. Ava being a bully to her fellow ladybug, Juliana (Ava is a bully to all babies, I guess she gets it from her brother)
3. Lots of messy eaters/faces
4. Max trying to breathe fire on other dragons/dinosaurs
5. Jodie getting stung by Caleb the Bumblebee
6. Jenny's master of the group pose.


Sunday, October 28, 2007


Location: Loose Park

Our last session today was with another blue-eyed beauty, 15 month old Avery. This was our first shoot with her, and she was very wary of us for most of the session. She pretty much didn't get arm's length away from mom or dad. I finally had to break out the big guns and run around jumping and yelling like a crazy person, but we got some smiles out of her and even managed to get her away from mom and dad for a few minutes. And she had an awesome pink coat... barely a year old and the girl's already got style :) Here's a sneak peek for her mom and dad...



Yet again, no Photoshop to the eyes! They are that amazing!



It was so cute how she was blowing kisses to dad







Belinda & Chris

Location: Loose Park

Our second session today was with Belinda and Chris. It's hard to believe these two have been married almost a year and half! Belinda said the last time they had photos taken was when we did their wedding pics in July of 2006, so she decided it was time to have us do a portrait session. It was great seeing you guys again! Here's a sneak peek from our session....









Angie & Brent: Engaged

Location: Loose Park

Angie and Brent were the first of our three sessions today. We've had to reschedule these guys a couple times already, but I think the wait was definitely worth it! We got some great weather today and even though Brent was a little unsure about getting his picture taken, we still had a good time. Angie was laughing the whole time, and I must say that Brent has a great 'Blue Steel' look :) We're looking forward to their April wedding! Here are a few pics from our shoot today...








100th Post!!!

In the words of Max, "Woohoo!!". Okay, so I'm supposed to be posting blogs about today's sessions, but when I logged in, Blogger said 99 Posts. So I thought the 100th post deserved it's own special post. So thanks to all you blog stalkers out there who keep us posting, and yay for the 100th post!

Photo Walk, Boo at the Zoo, Random Shots

I have been so busy lately with all my wonderful clients' pics that I've neglected to blog about my children lately. I knocked out some shoots, and Jenny went to bed early with a tummy-ache (we were going to watch some 24), so I decided to catch up on some personal pics. There are a lot of them, I apologize, but I just felt like sharing a bunch this evening. Enjoy!

Max likes doing his "shapes"

Uh-oh, she climbs steps now!

The next series is from what I like to call "Photo Walks." This is where I take a camera and go on a walk and take pictures of whatever I want, pretty simple, huh? Anyway, Max was a wild man and needed to burn some energy, so he came along with me. In this photo walk, it was pretty much pics of Max. He was practicing for his Gap ads.



I had to pay him $1 to get this shot, but it was worth it!




The next few images were taken while waiting for the Millards to show up for our photo shoot last night, and some on the playground while chasing little Josh Millard around.

Max brought his camera along to take a few pics. Here you see him lining up a shot of the fountain at Loose Park. Check out the concentration on his face. I keep telling Jenny he'll be ready to take along on photo shoots as a second shooter in no time:)

Still trying to get a shot of Ava in this hat!

Got it!

Max will be 3 next month, wears 2T pants, and they still fall down

Ava liked the slide



The last series is from this evening when we took our kids to Boo at the Zoo. I didn't get as many shots as I would have liked, but when you have a fussy baby, and a toddler who refuses to listen, it's tough. Chasing him around the zoo while carrying the camera bag is not fun, but I should be used to it by now, right?


You can't tell by this pic, but she had fun for a little while.



Here I am with a very rare appearance on the blog! Thanks, Jenny for this shot.

Max and Ava were excited to ride the train. We always go to the zoo, but always skip the train due to time constraints.