Friday, July 11, 2008

Please take me home!

So here's my next installment of cuties from Wayside Waifs. I wish I could take all of the doggies (and kitties) home, but I can't, so if you see someone you want to meet, head down and check them out!

First up is Drake. He's been in a shelter for 8 months, before recently landing at Wayside a few weeks ago. He's an awesome dog (and very cute)!

I can't remember this doggie's name, but I love the look on her face!

Moe is a very mellow dog who's looking for someone to love on her. I was sooooo close to taking her home, but Jenny would have KILLED me (we can't get a dog until next year)

Here's Dillon. She rolled in the grass for me and really likes belly rubs. Also a very shy dog.

Here's Sugarbee, and she's cute!

Finally, we have Jolly. Jolly loved to pose for me, so I know she'd be a good dog to have at home