Sunday, July 13, 2008

Married: Kristen & Jason

Yesterday we had a wonderful time hanging out with Kristen and Jason and all their family and friends. It was a very small, intimate wedding, which was good for a change from the larger weddings we've been doing lately. What was even cooler was Jason's family came all the way from the Bahamas for the wedding.

I'd also like to add that it rained the whole day, but Kristen wasn't letting any rain ruin her wedding day. All the outside shots were taken while raining, thanks for being some troopers!

I love this shot of Jason waiting for the wedding to start

The groomsmen were clowning around with the minister

This little guy liked to pose for the camera!

Apparently Kristen likes macaroni & cheese, because her brother made a point that this is what they were eating for the rest of their lives!

My favorite shot of the day

On second thought, this is my favorite

I love the look in her eyes during their first dance

And, a little bling:)