Sunday, July 13, 2008

Juliana's 18 Month Portraits

We've been really excited about today's session with Juliana for awhile now. We've taken Juliana's photos since she was born and she's now 18 months old! Her mom thought we should do something really fun and since it's hot out this time of year, we decided to head over to Splash Cove for some frolickin' in the pool! Here are some favorites from the session...

Note from Josh - Absolutely no camera equipment was damaged in the taking of these pictures, although Jenny almost got dumped on while holding the D300 & 70-200 combo. Thankfully, Josh was paying close attention and warned her just in time. I've never seen an 8 1/2 month pregnant woman move like that:)

Who doesn't love playing in the water?

One of my favorites

Adorable Kid + Yummy Summer Evening Light = Awesome picture:)

We got some smiles!

My favorite shot of the session!