Monday, July 7, 2008

Engaged: Leah & Ryan

Well, after our wonderful 80 degree weather for Ben & Beth's wedding on Saturday, we had the hottest day of the year for our engagement pictures with Leah & Ryan on Sunday. I love Missouri weather:) Anyway, Ryan proposed to Leah on the Plaza, so we headed down there for their engagement pics. And, even though it was hot, and we were drenched in sweat, they were troopers and we got some awesome shots!

Images like this are the reason I love my job so much. (side note - thanks to my buddy Mariano Friginal for giving me some post processing tips:)

This is where Ryan proposed to Leah, so sweet:)

If you can find a better way to cool off than Cold Stone ice cream, I'd like to hear it.

A little ice cream smashing (I think they were practicing their cake smashing skills, but what do I know:)

And, finally, a shot Jenny got of me in action. I always tell people I like to be in your personal space while shooting, and this shot proves it:) I'd also like to add that we are all hot & sweaty, but we're still all smiling:) Man, I love my job!