Saturday, May 31, 2008

Out of Town

Just a quick note to let you guys know that we are heading out of town this weekend and are planning on coming back on Monday. I'm not sure if we'll have internet access while we're gone, but I will my cell phone, so feel free to call if you need something and I don't get back to you on the email. Thanks and have a happy weekend :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Paige's Newborn Portraits

Today we headed out to take photos of Paige, who is a whopping 9 days old. She gave us a bit of a run for our money in the beginning, but we still got some great shots. Then, just as we were getting ready to call it a day, this beautiful, tiny baby just fell asleep in the grass! So we figured we had better take advantage of a snoozing baby and we grabbed a few more shots. Here's a sneak peek for mom and dad...

Commentary by Josh

Isn't she gorgeous?

I love the texture on this blanket

Look how happy they are:)

I love the little details on newborns

This next series was quite fun. We had this brilliant idea to lay her in the grass, and she just fell asleep!

This is my favorite shot:)

There's no greater feeling in life than holding your newborn, just look at that smile!

Paci's can make for quite cute pictures:)

My second favorite from the sessioin

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Music: Jeff Wood

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of taking the Wood family pictures, well tonight I got to go shoot some new promo pics for Jeff for his new website he's working on. You have heard Jeff's music if you've ever checked out our wedding website. He even surprised us with a new version of Memories (one of the songs on our site) complete with bass and strings. It sounds amazing! I'm working on putting it up, but am having trouble with our hosting company (Boo), but we'll get it figured out soon so I can share it with you all!

Until then, check out these pics and enjoy his music. I highly recommend catching him live and asking him to play one of his comedy songs, you won't be disappointed:)

I normally don't post my favorite pic first, but I love this one so much!

Another one of my favorites

I'd like to say I did this on purpose, but I'd be lying. I love when accidents turn out this cool.

My second favorite image

I really loved this wall

Watch out for a man who can play guitar behind his head:)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Married: Catharine & Richie

All I'm gonna say is Catharine & Richie decided to serve breakfast for dinner. And, anyone who serves breakfast for dinner is A-OK in my books:) Oh, and we had a kick ass time hanging with them, their family and all of their friends last night at Loose Mansion.

I had a very hard time narrowing down pics for the blog, there were so many that I wanted to share, so be on the lookout for a slideshow next week! Until then, take a look at some of our favorites from Catharine & Richie's wedding:)

First up, Jenny captured this wonderful shot of Catharine sliding into her dress. I love it, she hates it, I'll let you all decide:)

The first meeting

Jenny's fav:)

A prayer before the ceremony. (And another Jenny shot, she rocked it yesterday:)

The first kiss!

Could they be any cuter?

OK, they can be:)

Richie had some killer modelin' chops

First dance sweetness!

This is one of my favorite reception shots EVER!

An air guitar duel:)

Finally, what would a wedding be with bacon if I didn't put the rings in it:)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Science City

We took the kids down to Science City at Union Station this morning. Zoey and the rest of the Medskers joined us and we all had a blast. I was flipping through the pics this evening and this one caught my eye:)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Abdallah Shrine Rodeo: Tonganoxie, KS

I've known Kelley for about a year now, and the day we met her for our family pics, she gave us a tour of her old studio. While at her studio I flipped through an album of pictures she took at a rodeo, and they blew me away. I told her that one day we would go to a rodeo together and take some pics because it looked like so much fun.

Well that day finally came. Yesterday, Jenny and I met up with Kelley, Sam, and some of their friends to go to the Abdallah Shrine Rodeo in Tonganoxie. Now, I'm a city boy and I've never been to a rodeo. Kelley says it's un-American, but anyway, she scored us some all access passes and we were able to roam free around the rodeo snapping away. All I can say is that it was amazing, I had a blast, I got a little muddy and here are my favorite pics from the night:)

Also, check out Kelley's blog for some of her awesome pics from the night. Thanks, Kelley, for breaking me in right:)

These little dudes were crazy:)

Getting psyched up

One of my favs

It was challenging working at night with available light

Another fav

I love all the spit you can see flying from the bull's mouths in these pics, so intense

It's not so funny anymore is it?

Here's Kelley fresh from being splattered with mud (we were right up against the fence). No camera equipment was harmed during the making of these images:)