Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emma & Ian

It's been since last October since we've seen these two cuties, so we were excited this morning when we met up with Emma & Ian again. Emma was her usual shy self, so Jenny had to take her off by herself (have I ever mentioned that kids just love Jenny?) to warm her up a little bit, which let me concentrate on Ian. Enjoy the pics!

Here's Ian!

The next 3 shots of Emma are Jenny's. Can you tell that Emma loves Jenny?

I love this one of the 2 of them

Then Emma warmed up to me!

I asked her to brush her hair out of her eyes and this is what she did:) Side note - No eyes were enhanced in the making of this picture!

I think Ian loves his blankie, don't you?


Then Emma decided to help little brother walk!

I really don't know who had more fun here, Emma & Ian, or all of us laughing along with them.

I loved this hat!