Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baseball and Painting with Ketchup

These past few weeks, Max has been doing baseball on Saturday mornings, and I woke up and thought today would be a good day to take some pictures of the chaos:)

Gotta stretch out the arm

Max does some funny jumping jacks, he can never get the arms and legs going together:)

He's very deliberate in his throwing motion

I don't know if he's protecting himself or screwing around

I do know that Zoey was definitely ready for the ball to come her way

and Max was too (sometimes)

After his first hit, he was very excited, and he always forgets to drop the bat:)

Look at that concentration...

it's always hard to hit the ball with your eyes closed, but he's gotten pretty good at it

He went to get a drink of water, and I got this shot:)

Ava wanted in on the action (more of her to come later)

Sporting events aren't over until Zoey gives Max a hug

Hmmm...what can I do with this?

Ohhhh...I can paint my face with it!

"I cute" as Ava would say:)

I'm out the door in 10 minutes for another kick ass wedding at the Hobbs Building, so check back tomorrow for some teasers!