Friday, July 25, 2008

Please take me home - July 25

Here's another edition of doggies and one cat looking for good homes. Contact Wayside Waifs if you see a lovely animal you want to bring into your family.

Here's Oscar, and he's cute!

I love Boxers (unfortunately they are too big for our family), there's just something in the way they carry themselves. This Boxer's name is Harley.

Lucky #2, somehow they have a Lucky #1 available as well.

Meet Mr. Bo Jangles, he likes to party

Mrs. Muchacha might be small, but she's tough

What happens when you somehow breed a Basset with a Beagle with a touch of Shepherd? You get 3 of a Kind, and he rocks!

Here's Turbo

Rock looked like a little lion.

I can't remember this doggie's name, but I loved the pic

And, I don't care if this kittie was hissin' at me, I like the picture:)