Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Solars Invade Colorado: Day 9

Well, we made it home tonight. We had a boring day. We drove through thunderstorms off and on. It was cold, and windy, so we didn't get to do any fun stuff with the kiddos today.

So, since I don't have a lot of pictures to share, I decided to give you a list of stats from our trip:

1 - # of "unsafe backing" tickets I got
4 - # of hot air balloons at Balloonavista (only 4!!!!!!?????!!!!)
8 or 9 - # of times Max whacked someone with his new dino toy (usually Ava)
14 - # of times the kiddos ate nuggies and apples from McDonald's
45 - # of minutes Jenny spent in the hot mineral springs (I think she could have slept there)
62 - # of times Ava asked to "ride the swings"
167 - # of times Lia stood up in her pack & play when she was supposed to be sleeping (causing the other kids to laugh and encourage her to do it some more)
1,095 - # of combined potty stops on the road
2,092 - # of miles driven on our 9 day road trip
2,517 - # of pictures taken by me and Jenny
1,568,246 - # of smiles I witnessed on my wife & kiddo's faces during our trip and that's all that matters :)