Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Engaged: Jenny & Jim

Well, now that we are back from our road trip, I can finally get caught up on some of the recent sessions we shot right before we left. Tonight I bring you Jenny & Jim's engagement images.

Funny thing how small this world really is. I met Jenny at Wayside Waifs, and you might have seen her on the news sharing some awesome pets, but, it turns out that we went to the same elementary school. Crazy, crazy stuff! Anyway, I knew I was going to have fun with their session because Jenny & Jim let me pick the location plus they brought along their cute little doggies. It was a win on both accounts. So, as I know Jenny is excited to see some of her pictures, I'll shut up now...

Right away, they were full of smiles :)

I loved their doggies.

Some tongue action.

Somebody's ticklish.


2nd Favorite!