Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Solars Invade Colorado: Day 5

We had a little too much fun on Day 5 in Durango. We started the day off with a pancake breakfast, followed by some exploration in the Mesa Verde National Park, a mini-doggie session (pics to come later), then we finished the night off with homemade smores with my sister and brother-in-law (who we owe a big thank you for driving all over the place trying to find some firewood). I have WAY too many images, so let's just jump on in :)

Don't forget to stop by Jenny's blog for some more fun pictures as well.


The Cliff Dwellings were amazing.

Lia does NOT like her sunglasses.

Lia was thirsty.

Max wanted to pose himself for this one :)

I loved this tree, and can't decide which image I like better. Thoughts?

Max found a sword and decided that I was a dragon.

Love these 2 :)

Max really enjoyed playing in my Sisters 5th wheel.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, Max & Ava will just walk up and give us hugs. It's so sweet.

Prepping for smores!

Thanks Uncle Fred for helping Ava out :)

It took our kiddos a while to figure out what was really going on.

Mommy showed them what was up.

I really wanted my kids to make a big mess, but Max just cried when he got some marshmallow on his hands, so he just decided to eat cold marshmallows.