Monday, June 8, 2009

The Solars Invade Colorado: Day 7

Busy, busy day. We saw so much beauty on Day 7 it was crazy. And, I'm short on words tonight :) Don't forget to check Jenny's blog.

I'm going on record and saying...I love Colorado Springs.

Lia partied a little too hard last night and was ready for her nap before we left the hotel in the morning :)

We stopped for a bathroom break in Woodland Park. I checked the GPS and found this sweet dino museum less than a mile was awesome!

Max & Ava channeled their inner dino.

Should I point out that they are happy dinos?

Max wanted to be "the dino that pokes with his head"

This is what Jenny looks like before makeup...I kid, I kid :)

Our best/worst purchases of the trip were these dinos. Best, because the kids love them and haven't put them down since. Worst, because they usually end up hitting each other with them.

Lia likes dinosaurs, too.

Then we hit up the Garden of the Gods (thanks to the Cole family for the recommendation) It was absolutely amazing. Max and I headed in first, because the girls were napping, but we quickly headed out, because Max was "cold."

I headed back in, of course.

I tried to climb some rocks, too, but they wouldn't let me with my flip-flops on :(

Ok, girls woke up, it warmed up, so the Solars trekked through the Garden as a family. Max & Ava were climbing on any rock they possibly could.

Ava is fearless.

"I'm the Queen of the World!!"

This is Max's tough face.

Mommy got in on the climbing action.

Then we headed to 7 Falls, which was also pretty. Note: This shot was taken at ISO 100, 1/5 shutter, and f/16 aperture, hand held :)

My brave little Max climbed up 224 STEEP steps to the top of the falls. Let's just say that I held on to his hand TIGHT. I was so nervous, but at the same time, I'm not about to tell him no when he's perfectly capable of climbing those stairs. I wish I would have gotten a shot of all the stairs we climbed up (you can see the stairs in Jenny's shot here), but all I could think about was holding his little hand as tight as possible. He was pretty proud of himself (the shot below was taken at the top) once we made it to the top...and I was too :)

Ava wanted to go to the top, too, but we wouldn't let her, so we took her picture at the bottom of the falls :)

This one's for Grandma Betty.