Friday, June 26, 2009

The Crawfords: Family Pictures in Kansas City

My good buddy Brad, his wife, and their cute little baby boy, Luke, all made it out here last week to spend some time in the country. When they asked if I could do some updated family portraits, of course we headed straight into the middle of nowhere. Enjoy their beautiful family having an extremely good time in a wide open field. This session has everything that I look for in a family shoot. Smiles and good light :)

Luke has some beautiful eyes.

I don't think he liked to be thrown in the air :)

One of my favorites for sure.

Another favorite. It's funny to look at pictures of Brad having fun with his son. I've know Brad since I was 4. Crazy.

Another favorite.

You guys are missed already. The Solars can't wait to make it back to Southern Cali for a visit this winter.