Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Solars Invade Colorado: Day 6

Today brought another long drive (9 hours if you include potty breaks and lunch) through gorgeous mountains. We headed out from Durango at about 10am and tried to hurry to Buena Vista so we could take the kids to Balloonavista, a HUGE hot air balloon festival they have there every year. So, we rushed through some of the prettiest little towns (without stopping) to get to Balloonavista, and.........they have 4 hot air balloons. It was such a disappointment that we drove right past when looking for it. Oh well, the kids got to go inside of one and it looked pretty sweet when they lit them up at night. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day...

We had some gorgeous mountains to look at all day.

The drive from Durango to Ouray took us through some old mining areas.

Jenny has a sweet tooth, so we HAD to go to the candy store :)

We found a neat little train exhibit, so we stopped, because Max LOVES some trains.

Lia told me it was time for her to take the wheel for a while.

Ok, so there were only 4 balloons, BUT, the kids didn't care, and that's what really matters. Max and Ava got to go inside a balloon.

And I got to take a few pics of the balloon stuff.

Max surprised us all by "making fire"

Then, they lit up the balloons at dusk, which was pretty sweet, too.