Friday, June 12, 2009

Maddie: 9 Months

We're still trying to get caught up on all our blogging since before our vacation, and we are so thankful for our clients being so patient with us :)

Which brings us to Maddie. This is our 4th session with Maddie already, and she's growing oh so fast! Mom and Dad are both KU grads, and wanted to do a session on the KU campus, so that's where we went. Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle (all KU grads as well) came down for some extended family shots after we were done with Maddies also. There was a lot of KU love going on :)

It might have been the hottest day of the year, and poor Maddie didn't like the heat :(

She was a trooper though and gave us some smiles anyway :)

The fountain cooled her off a little bit too.

Love this one.

It might be hot, you might be uncomfortable, but Maddie, you're still so cute!

That's the look of a proud grandfather.