Thursday, June 18, 2009

Engaged: Laine & Adam

Summer is officially here. That means humidity...and lots of it. Laine & Adam decided to pick the muggiest day of the year to drive from Arkansas to meet me for their e-pics, but they were troopers. In fact, I didn't hear any complaints at all, even when we heard a few loud thunder booms. They also brought their super cute doggies for a few shots :)

They LOVE to make each other laugh. I captured so many genuine smiles :)

Aren't their doggies super cute?

I love this image. They are just so happy together!

You two rock :)

I love when I witness love in the way couples look at each other. It's beautiful.

Adam, you're a lucky man. Laine sure loves you a lot :)

No thunderstorms can stop Laine & Adam.

Snuggle tight...I love snuggles :)