Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peter: Newborn

There's no denying that the Solars (Jenny & I) just absolutely love babies. Also, after 3 wonderful kids, we're that means we REALLY enjoy our newborn sessions even more than before. We know we aren't going to experience all the amazing things that go with all the stages of raising a newborn, but something about photographing those little babies makes it all ok...

Which brings us to Peter. He is an absolute DOLL! He was 7 days old for our session and slept like a champ through it all. I am REALLY happy with the images I got from this session. I feel that I found a good mix of portraits/lifestyle images. I really love capturing tiny moments, little glances, baby toes, how mom holds her baby, the way dad snuggles him...all the good stuff that goes along with raising a newborn and I look forward to our next session with little Peter. Until then, enjoy a few (way too many) of my favs from our session.

We found Peter sound asleep (which made it just a little bit easier for pictures)

I love babies on black.

Yep, still sleeping.
Such a sweet family.

Their house had plenty of textures to work with.

Love this shot.

Have I mentioned yet that Peter has the coolest room ever?

I love when parents look at their kids and can't help but smile.

Another favorite.

Mom likes to cook, and the kitchen had great light, so I wanted to do a few shots there. I love it, what do you all think? Note: The kiss was mom's all the way :)

Bye-bye, little buddy, get some rest now while you can. There sure is a lot to see in the world :)