Friday, May 16, 2008

The Combs Family

You all might remember Sam from my post last November about her awesome cakes (and they are that awesome:) Well, meet her family. Tonight we headed out to Pleasant Hill for some fun family pics. We had talked about so many different things for this shoot. First Sam wanted some bright colored umbrellas, but Steve would have none of that for his boys:) Then we talked about doing it right after a good rain and finding some nice puddles for her kids to stomp around in, but that never happened, either. So, Steve is a fireman and we tried to get a firetruck to create some puddles, but that fell through also, so we just walked around Pleasant Hill for a while, and we had a blast anyway! Enjoy!


How cute are the Combs' kids, seriously?

We snapped a few of mom & dad in the nice light

I love this shot of Luke

Here's Dorian with some nice backlighting

Molly had fun running from me, and I had just as much fun chasing:)

Here's my favorite shot of Luke. He thought I was done taking pics and let his guard down.

Dorian was all smiles the whole shoot!

Molly has always been shy around me, but when Jenny and I had the cameras out, she did a great job modeling for us:)



To all you photogs out there, if you aren't shooting raw, you need to start, right now. I way overexposed this shot on accident, but was able to save it because I shoot in raw. Seriously, switch now.

Ahhh, brotherly love

Molly sure loves here mommy

Here's Luke in dad's fireman helmet and coat

And Dorian in the same getup. His hair was okay after wearing the helmet:)


And, as we headed back to the car, we found a puddle! Molly & Luke would have no part of it, but Dorian jumped right in!

We had a blast with you and your family, Sam! And Max said thanks for the cake (he really, really loved the icing:)