Friday, May 9, 2008

My Wife:)

Tonight I did something I've never done before. I talked my wife into putting on her cute new dress she just got to go out and let me take some pics of her. Can you believe it, we've been married almost 5 years and I've never formally done a portrait shoot with her! I wouldn't call this one formal really, but it was fun. We didn't have time to gather any other outfits, or scout out some sweet new locations, we just went out into a field and took advantage of that golden spring light.

On a side note, I installed some new comment software that I heard about from Kristy, and while I like it, I think I accidentally took away all the past comments. I'm still figuring out how to work it, because I can still see the comments, they just aren't visible to anyone else right now. Please feel free to keep the comments coming. It really makes our day to see that we've got new comments from all our awesome readers:)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics of my wife. I would also like to add that Jenny knows all my tricks (and is usually part of them), so it was a little difficult to get her to relax for me. Plus, I know how critical she is of herself and the way she looks in pictures, so that made my job this evening even more challenging. Either way, I love my wife and think she's the most beautiful woman in the world, especially when she's pregnant and has that little belly sticking out, but I'm rambling now, so enjoy the pics:)


I love her smile so much

Here's that cute little belly



I still have some tricks:)




Have I told you yet how beautiful I think she is?

One last shot

Okay, Kelley, I warmed her up for ya. She should be good to go:)