Friday, May 30, 2008

Paige's Newborn Portraits

Today we headed out to take photos of Paige, who is a whopping 9 days old. She gave us a bit of a run for our money in the beginning, but we still got some great shots. Then, just as we were getting ready to call it a day, this beautiful, tiny baby just fell asleep in the grass! So we figured we had better take advantage of a snoozing baby and we grabbed a few more shots. Here's a sneak peek for mom and dad...

Commentary by Josh

Isn't she gorgeous?

I love the texture on this blanket

Look how happy they are:)

I love the little details on newborns

This next series was quite fun. We had this brilliant idea to lay her in the grass, and she just fell asleep!

This is my favorite shot:)

There's no greater feeling in life than holding your newborn, just look at that smile!

Paci's can make for quite cute pictures:)

My second favorite from the sessioin