Monday, May 19, 2008

Doggie Pics: Jackson & Kodie

***Housekeeping - I changed the layout of pics on my blog so that horizontals and verticals matched up, this has been bugging me for quite some time. I also got rid of the white border around the images because the pictures are all you care about anyway:)***

Saturday was not only my 5 year wedding anniversary, but it was also a fun filled day of photography! First, I got to shoot another wedding with the awesome Kelley (images to come sometime soon), then, Jenny and I headed up to Tonganoxie for dinner and a photo shoot with Kelley's dogs, Jackson and Kodie. Kelley warned me that they would wear me out (and they almost did), but after a while, I wore them down and got some awesome shots:)

Before we get to the doggie pics, though, I have to tell a little story, and I'll keep it short. I always think it's funny when photographers hang out with one another, because there are always cameras lying around and you never know when a portrait shoot will break out. Well, we weren't at Kelley's for more than 10 minutes (I hadn't even started to play with the dogs), and Kelley was upstairs grabbing makeup for an impromptu photo shoot with Jenny. My wife was already in a cute little black dress, and she just got her hair cut, so she was begging to have her picture taken (really, she hates to have her picture taken), but from what I saw so far, Kelley got some amazing images! Head on over to her blog to check out a few (actually, check out my pics of Kelley's dogs first, then head to the blog to check out my beautiful wife). Now, here's the kicker. Jenny has an "official" photo shoot set up with Kelley in 2 weeks! So, I guess this was the warm-up to my original warm-up:)

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

Meet Jackson, or meet Jackson running away from me (which went on for about an hour before he got tired:) He was so sweet. Right when we pulled up, he was there to greet us with his tongue sticking out ready for some lickin'. Note to Kelley, don't worry about brushing Jackson before portrait shoots, he's just going to jump in the swamp behind your house anyway:)

What can I say, he is a very active dog


How can you not love a dog with a tongue like that?

One of my favs!

Another fav!

Out of nowhere, Jackson decided to model for me and roll in the grass for a few minutes (he was starting to get really tired:) Bonus points to Jackson for rolling in great light!




Here's Jackson jumping for some beef!

Now, meet Kodie, a cute little PomaPoo. Doesn't she look so sweet?


One of my favs of Kodie (she plays tough, but she's really all bark)


I love catching tongue shots

Another fav

I got tired of chasing Kodie, so I put her up on this stage that Kelley and Sam have at their house, and Kodie couldn't jump down. So, she stood there looking cute while I snapped some nice shots. These next 3 were taken while she was up there.

I love this one, too!


Sam - thanks for the awesome dinner and helping me out with the dogs:)

Kelley - thanks for letting me shoot with you again, taking great pics of my hot wife, and, finally, for making some delicious cheesecake:)

Ok, I'm done, now everyone can go see some teaser shots of my wife on Kelley's blog:)