Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have the best clients in the world!

I have to say it again, I HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS IN THE WORLD!!!!! Almost everyone knows by now how sick Jenny's been. She was out of work for 8 weeks, 3 hospital stays, 4 or 5 trips to the emergency room, and a whole lot of medicine, and she's finally back to work as of last week. Well, with 2 young-un's and a sick wife, the house got a little bit dirty:)

So, Layna and some other wonderful ladies (some of whom we've never even met) all pitched in to hire a cleaning service to come to our house for a few hours. I can't thank these ladies enough for this. It makes it even cooler that some of the ladies who pitched in weren't even our brides. So, here's a big thank you to the Realies, a wonderful group of women who stick up for each other and aren't bad at helping each other with wedding plans! Seriously, we appreciate this a ton.

Christine Shuck came over and spent 3 hours cleaning our house. I was amazed at how much she got done in such a small amount of time. She knocked out 2 bathrooms, dusted the whole upstairs, cleaned the kitchen, and scrubbed the kitchen floor and the tile by the front door. Everything looks great! Our kitchen floor hasn't looked this good since we moved in 2 years ago. Thanks, Christine!

Now, I can't wait until Jenny comes home tonight and sees how great our house looks!

Of course, I took some pictures, so here's Christine hard at work:)

the tools of the trade

meet Christine!

she even cleaned the kids' piano!


Check out all that dirt on the floor. When Christine was done, it was gone.


The mirrors were so clean, the only dust in this pic is the dust on my lens:)

So, if anyone is in dire need of some cleaning, or wants to get their life organized, make sure you check Christine out at cscleaningservices.com!