Monday, April 7, 2008

Married: Megan & David

Saturday was a first for me. It was the first time that I ever shot a wedding where I wasn't the main photographer. I had the lovely opportunity to shoot with the talented Heather Cole and her amazing assistant, Aaron.

Let me just say that at first it was a little different, because I had complete freedom to shoot whatever I wanted to shoot. I wasn't responsible for any formals (thank God), and could pretty much do whatever I wanted to. Heather did her thang, Aaron did his, and I was roaming around grabbing all kinds of candids, playing tiger with one of the ringbearers, and grabbing some sweet shots of Megan & David, who might I add, were one of the sweetest couples ever:)

A few details
Church: St. Peter's down on Meyer
Reception: The Clubhouse on Baltimore
Hair & Makeup: Zuri Color Studio & Salon

Now for the pics!


I love this shot of David & his dad before the ceremony

Waiting patiently

I never have the chance to get this angle:)


Probably my favorite first kiss ever

No way I could ever pose this. Heather was working with the bridal party, David & Megan holding hands, veil blows, they laugh, I'm lucky enough to be there and ready:)

Heather took the girls, so it gave Aaron & I some time with David


I always have to find the flare:)

I did get some shots of the bride!

Ohh, the almost kiss, I love 'em

Megan had some awesome eyes!

I always find interesting places while shooting, and for this shot, I squeezed my fat butt in between a couple of metal posts holding up a run-down building to shoot through the glass. And the reflection made it that much more interesting.

This gnome has been everywhere with Megan (Europe, Egypt, I'm forgetting some cuz I'm an idiot), so, of course he had to make an appearance at their wedding.

All the bridal party made sweet entrances into the reception

I love this shot from the balcony during their first dance. I loaned Heather my off camera lighting for the dances, so I needed to find some new angles to play with because I did not have any flash.

And, finally, I took this shot for Heather, because it's her favorite word while shooting:)

Thanks, Megan & David, for being cool under pressure with not 1, not 2, but 3 cameras going off all around you at once. Your wedding was a rocking party and I'm glad I got to share it with you.

And thanks to Heather for letting me tag along. We'll have to do it again in the future!