Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Olivia: The Album

I mentioned in a previous post that we'll be doing the Midwest Baby & Kids Festival in Overland Park in a few weeks, and we desperately needed some new sample albums. Well, Heather came through and let me take some pics of Olivia. We were planning on getting some shots in that golden sun that we've been having lately, but as it got later and later in the afternoon, we realized that it could start pouring down at any time. Heather got Olivia ready in a few minutes, I dropped the kiddos off at the parents, and we went about a mile away from Heather's house and shot for 20 minutes.

I'm proud of myself for this session. I hit a new personal record of 414 images taken in 20 minutes. Boy, was my finger tired:) I then went home, and have spent the last 4 hours picking out my favorites, editing them, and designing an album that is currently being uploaded to our new album company. What a busy night!

So, instead of sharing my favorite images, I decided to share the whole album. The album design is another first for me. It's my first album that I designed that is full bleed on every page. No white or black background, definitely no cheesy text or frilly borders, and no picture overlays:)

Without further ado, here's the album. Enjoy!

The cover.

And then the 15 spreads. Check out those big 'ol blue eyes!

How amazing is that outfit?


I love these next two shots, and I can't figure out which one to blow up big. Anyone got any thoughts?











My favorite spread

So, that's the whole album. I'd love some feedback on what you all think about it. I know I can't wait to get this baby in my hands and flip through it in printed form. They always look better on paper:)

Thanks, Olivia for being such a trooper for me in this awfully cold weather:)