Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Married: Katie & Matt

Once again, I had the opportunity to 3rd shoot for another one of my favorite photographers. This time it was with the amazing Kelley! Jennifer, Kelley's normal second shooter, and an Anti-Workshop classmate shot with us as well, and we all had a blast:) I think one of us commented on how much fun we were having at least every 30 minutes or so. Everything about the day was perfect, from the couple, to the weather, to the venues.

A few details:
Ceremony: Holmeswood Baptist Church
Reception: Arts Incubator

Enjoy the pics!

Katie got ready at her Grandma's house, and we arrived before she did. So, I found their dog to play with:)

Check out these shoes!

Normally, I'm with the groom, so I don't get to take pics of the bride getting ready. I love this shot of her mom lacing up the back of her dress, though.

The first meeting

When you are a 3rd shooter, you can look for interesting angles you might normally miss when you are the main shooter, such as this plant.

Still the first meeting

Katie's grandma had an awesome garden in the backyard, and once again, I got to look at things differently for a change

Something about this photo grabbed me.

One of the cute adorable flower girls

Some of my favorite images on the wedding day are of the bride and her dad right before they walk down the aisle

A couple of my favorite portraits from the day


A couple from their first dance


I always shed a few tears during the father/daughter dance, this one was no different:)

I learned a lot about how to really use video lights, for the dances, and for some sweet portraits. This is my favorite portrait of the day.

I love breakdancing, and although I suck at it, I love to watch people who don't suck at it, like Kelley's cousin here:)

Some more breakdancing action...

and one more, because I think this one looks cool


And, a shot of Kelley & Jennifer shooting the dress from opposite sides:)

Matt and Katie, thanks for sharing your day with me, I know how intimidating it is to have 3 photographers up in your face at the same time, and you guys did great! And thanks, Kelley, for letting me tag along. I'm looking forward to May 17th so we can do it again:)