Sunday, April 13, 2008

Raymore Night at the K...BRRRRR

Friday night marked the First Annual Raymore Night at the K, put on by the Raymore Chamber of Commerce, and I had the wonderful opportunity to be on the field during the pre-game festivities. Let me tell you this, it had so much potential to be a very fun night. Add up Buck Night, hanging out with friends, baseball, and did I mention $1.00 hot dogs? But, Mother Nature had to throw a curveball in the way of a cold front at us to ruin it all. Anyway, here's some of my favorites from the evening.

First off, I rode to the game with Mike Medsker, Zoey's dad, and he guaranteed that Tom Circo would complain about wanting to have the game in May so it would be warmer, and sure enough, he did:) (that's Mike laughing in the background)

Still complaining:)

Ok, here's a few notes on these next two shots.

1. I wasn't allowed to set foot on the grass, or I would be shot.
2. I had this shot set up, and the cameraman kind of ruined it. Thanks, buddy.
3. It's really hard to get a sweet shot when you can't set foot on the grass, or you'll lose your life, and some dude stands right in the middle of your shot:(

So, I had to step to the side and hope camera dude would get out of the way. He did, and this was the best I could do as I was worried the sniper might get me if I even toed the grass-line

The 6th Grade Choir from Eagle Glen Intermediate School was there to sing the National Anthem, and they got to hang with Sluggerrrrrrrrrrrr for a little while, too.

Here's my favorite shot of the Choir singing the National Anthem. They did a great job!

And, what would Buck Night at the K be without a pic of someone shoving a hot dog in their mouth? So, here's my new favorite shot of Zoey:)

Maybe next year it will be a little warmer and I'll stay past the top of the 2nd inning.

On a side note, I have this strange love/hate thing about buck night. I love it, because stuff is cheap, but I hate it, because I left in the top of the 2nd inning, and still managed to eat 5 hot dogs and a bag of peanuts, all for only $6. That's a good deal. Now, my stomach hated me the next day, so I'll try not to do that again, and I did run a little extra to make up for all the junk I ate in a 20 minute span:)