Saturday, October 11, 2008

Layna: Deal or No Deal

Okay, so this story starts way back about a year ago. We were heading out to dinner with Layna and Joel. Mid-conversation, Layna says, 'Okay, so I had this dream that I'm supposed to be on Deal or No Deal, so I wrote a script and now I just need someone to film the audition tape. Do you guys do video too?' No way! But we do happen to know the coolest videographers in town :).

Enter Drew & Selena (Van Horn Video). They made the coolest audition tape EVER (even though the Deal or No Deal people rated your audition tape as the number 3 video of all time, we all know it's really the best one!) So, I know you want to see the video... click here.

Yep, so now that you've seen the video, you can totally understand why Layna got picked to be on Deal or No Deal. We headed out last night to the Levee for the watch party. We've never watched Deal or No Deal before, but it was SO EXCITING!! They showed a couple of photos that we took at Layna and Joel's wedding and a clip from the audition video Drew and Selena put together. And, even though we were bummed that Layna didn't win the million dollars, we were still super excited that she won $27,000!! Congrats Layna and Joel :)

And we can now say: "As seen on NBC's Deal or No Deal" because, although very briefly, some of our images were flashed on national tv. I'll say it again, we have the coolest friends/clients in the whole world :)

Of course Josh brought his camera along...