Sunday, October 5, 2008

Engaged: Kim & Marc

We've been heading in a different direction this year with our engagement sessions (in case you haven't noticed). Instead of just going out to a nice location with our couples and snapping a few cute shots of them, we've really been trying to focus on who they are as a couple. Doing what you love with who you love where you love will help you relax and allow us to capture unique pictures for you :)

This leads us to Kim and Marc. When we first started talking about engagement photos, they made sure to let us know a few things about them... they like to share wine and they love to be outdoors together. They also like to be silly and make each other laugh (which they did well and quite often :)

My favorite!

"Hess" happens to be Marc's last name :)

Marc likes to climb in trees!

My 2nd favorite!