Monday, October 20, 2008

Graduating: Taylor

Well, summer is officially over (I know, I know, I've been living in a dream world lately hoping for a few more weeks). How do I know this? Not only has it been cold at night lately, but Taylor and I were headed out to a HUGE, I repeat, HUGE field of gorgeous sunflowers for her shoot, and wouldn't you know it, they were all dead! I would like to add that I did just find this field 3 weeks ago, and it looked marvelous!

Oh, well, dead sunflowers and overcast skies couldn't keep Taylor from flashing her wonderful smile, nor could they keep us from having some fun around Cleveland, MO. People were waving as they drove by, one little girl kept smiling at Taylor, the locals wondered what we were doing, and through it all, we had a great session! Here are some of my favorites...

Here's Taylors warm-ups (and how awesome is her scarf) :)

I love this shot!
If you haven't noticed yet, Taylor was all smiles the whole session. In fact, during our consultation, she made sure to inform us that she's not good at serious faces :)

It's definitely not sunflowers, but any field makes for a good photo!
First, check out Taylor's laugh, then check out her boots :)

Me: Let's try a serious one
Taylor: Okay, hang on...

2 seconds later and we had this, my favorite shot :)