Friday, October 10, 2008


Meet Arden...Isn't she super-cute? Seriously, where are all these beautiful babies coming from? :)

I know we've been talking a lot lately about cute clothes, but I think we need to revisit this topic. When we showed up today, Arden's mom said, 'I brought a bunch of outfits, but I don't know...' Okay, so I look through the pile of clothes... hmm... adorable brown dress with bright pink, blue, and onesie and a tutu... leopard print dress and coordinating headband (made by mommy!!)... Yep, I think those outfits will work just fine! So here are some of our favorites of Arden, looking super-fashion-savvy and adorable....

What a beautiful smile!

My new favorite photo :)

Sack of potatoes :)

And we used up all our smiles early, but Arden has a great model face :)

This picture makes me smile. You have mom and dad biting her arms and Arden looking like she's gonna smack somebody...

and she smacked daddy :)

Her outfits were all sooo cute!