Monday, October 27, 2008

Mia & Remi

We left our house Sunday afternoon excited that the weather was absolutely gorgeous, but 30 minutes later when we arrived downtown, the wind made it downright chilly...brrrrr! Either way, Mia and Remi were AWESOME! You could tell they were a little cold, but when we had the cameras going they were all smiles :)

Seriously, how cute are these girls?

I'm telling you, Remi was C-O-L-D, but she gave us some great smiles :)

Mia refused to let her little sister outperform her :)

This is why I love taking pictures of kiddos...for pictures exactly like this

They sure did love each other a ton...and that makes me smile really big :D

Peek-a-boo always works!

These next two images are my's Mia
and Remi

Don't mess with me!!

Mia was very proud of her work :)