Friday, May 15, 2009

Just for Fun: Layna & Joel

Sometimes in your life you meet some people that are just so amazing that it makes you glad to call them friends. Layna & Joel are 2 of those people for me. Her Deal or No Deal watch party was quite a fun experience. When Jenny was sick while pregnant with Lia, she chipped in with some other girls and got us a cleaning lady. But it goes even farther back, we had an awesome time shooting their extremely emotional wedding all the way back in September of 2007 (yeah, it was so long ago you get small pics on the blog).

In fact, I still love the story of how Jenny met Layna. Ava was a month old, and Max was sick. It was a Sunday morning and I still had a job at that time (boo), so Layna shows up, and Jenny had to hold Max because he was sick, so it was up to Layna to comfort a 1 month old baby who was crying like crazy. Does that sound like a good environment for a wedding consult to go on? I don't know, but Layna & Joel booked us anyway, and I'm so glad that she did. Just go back and look at all those times they've impacted our lives in so many great ways. It's really beautiful, isn't it?

So, with all that story, there has to be a point, right? Here it is, I've really been enjoying my couples sessions lately. They have been so emotionally moving for me I'm addicted. I just wanted to take a couple out for a good time, and just shoot. Shoot just for fun, shoot to capture that love that only they share with each other. I'm not gonna lie, it was beautiful. What do you think?

Joel loves his Colt 45.

Just take a minute and notice how they are looking at each other. That is love right there.

I love the mystery in this one...and the smile on Layna's face :)

And, I had to drop in a few with Joel's Wolverine claws that his brother made for him :)

Joel's only request.