Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alex & Max

I'm so glad we're getting out and meeting so many cool families lately. It's so exciting for Jenny and I to be able to come out and play with such loving, fun people. Alex hammed it up for us the whole time, Max (I love that name) just kind of chilled the whole time, and we even found time to take a few images of just mommy & daddy...and I know mom is excited, so here are a few (who am I kidding, a lot) of our favorites :)

Jenny and Alex got along REALLY well :)

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

I told you Max just chilled the whole time...and don't those eyes just grab you and pull you right in?

Alex is quite the cook.

Are they not an adorable family?


I love the texture the grass makes in black & white...I find myself drawn right to Max's eyes.

Now we know where the kiddos get their eyes from :)

So beautiful. I love how she's snuggling her favorite blankie in the whole world.

It makes me smile when dads are excited about having their picture taken :)

Is this picture not adorable in every way?

Yep, Max is still chilling :)