Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Engaged: Megan & Matt

Megan & Matt were our 2nd awesome engagement session on Sunday evening. What kept jumping out at me while editing these pictures was Megan's beautiful laugh. She warned us ahead of time that she laughs a LOT...and that's ok with me! We met at the park where they got engaged as well as where they play tennis, so you know we had to shoot on the tennis courts :)

Note: CaraSue Hall did Megan's styling (she always does an awesome job)

We had them snuggling right away :)

Someone's just a wee bit taller than the other.

I love the way they look at each other.

So sweet.

I love my clients. They are naturally cute walkers :)

Different outfit. Same cuteness :)

No flare, but we still had a nice sunset.

On to the tennis courts.

Thank you both for your laughter. You two are amazing.

We're so dedicated, Jenny was sitting on my shoulders for this one. I think it turned out wonderfully (if that's a word).

Another wide angle snuggle shot. I love this one.

And of course I had to end with a shot of Megan's wonderful laugh, right?