Sunday, November 2, 2008

Married: Tessa & Alex

Ceremony & Reception Location: The Sawyer Room
DJ: DJ Fernando

It's amazing to me that after three years of shooting weddings, Jenny and I can FINALLY put into words exactly what we love about shooting weddings. It's the interactions between people... between the bride and groom, family, and friends. There is nothing more amazing to me than being the one to capture these moments, and stop time for a split second... right before a father walks his daughter down the aisle, the bride and groom's smiles immediately after the ceremony, the first dance, and all the other quiet little moments throughout the day. The perfect clients for us are the ones who allow us to share these moments with them and who are comfortable being themselves in front of us and our cameras.

Yesterday's wedding with Alex and Tessa really drove the point home for us. The connection between them is so strong and you could literally feel it all day. I cried at 3 separate points during their day (I know, I know), but sometimes you just get caught up in the moments and can't hold back. It's the way Alex looks at Tessa, the little things you learn about the couple that point to the fact that there is no one else in the world they would rather spend the rest of their lives with. The whole day was filled with so many wonderful smiles, tears, laughs, and I'm glad that they chose us to capture those moments for them.

Now onto some of our favorites from the day...

You can tell Alex is excited...

and so is Tessa (by the way, we did not instruct her to jump on his back :)

Those first moments are always so sweet.

We chose quite a few portraits for the blog because Alex and Tessa have so much fun with each other :)

Love these next 2!

While the bride got a quick fluffing of the dress before the ceremony...

Alex got some last minute stretching in :)

This is my favorite shot of the year (and the first time I cried yesterday)

The Sawyer Room is an amazing place for a wedding, it's so gorgeous!

2nd time I cried :)

We headed to the roof after the ceremony to play in that amazing light!

We're here to party!

The bling

The dances (3rd time I lost it)

Fitting for the day after Halloween that Thriller was played, and this dude freakin' nailed it. I could do a whole blog post alone from his Thriller moves :)