Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rock N Fashion Show

Can I say again how much I love my clients? Turns out that one of my grooms, Fritz, is an event promoter/planner for Toyota Scion. Either way, we got to talking about music while I was shooting their e-pics (some of my favorite ever), and one thing led to another and he invited me to come shoot an event at Crosstown Station for him.

Well, it turns out that it was a sweet Rock N Fashion Show! The amazing Power & Light Party Girl Kelley came along with me for a fun night of models, music, more importantly shooting!

Here was the lineup for the evening (all local talent):

Heroes+Villains (aka Walter Alias)
Waiting for Signal
The P Lentz Project

Saum Frock
Take A Halliday
MIM Designs
Nathaniel Renewal


Denim Couture
Encore Boutique

: DJ Mark Styles and DJ Who
Salons: Hairspray Cafe and Sole Patch Barbershop
Makeup: Lover Cosmetics
Producer: Clay Perkins
Co-Producer/Photographer: Joshua Ferdinand
Fashion Coordinator
: Christian Micheal
Advising Producer
: Carlos Lee

With all that out of the way, here's a few of my favorite images from the evening...

This is what happens when photographers get bored while waiting for set changes :)

And, a shot of Kelley hard at work! And a big thanks goes to Kelley for letting me play with her tilt-shift (my first time ever) and her 14mm (extremely wide) lenses for the evening :)