Monday, November 24, 2008

Nathan is 1!

Yesterday (I know, I didn't have them up last night) I got to do my 1 year session with Baby Nate. I really feel I did a good job of capturing Nathan's personality in these images. He's such a happy little guy, full of wide grins, and fusses for some snacks (who doesn't love a good snack), plus he's got some style! I loved his sports coat, his pinstriped pants, his rock star hoodie. He did so well, we got to finish the session off with a little (a lot) of sugar :)

How cute is Baby Nate?

I love the "walk like a drunken sailor" phase :)

Again, how cute is Baby Nate?

Big sis, Zoey, got in on some portraits as well :)

My 2nd favorite shot of the day

My favorite shot of the day. This one is definitely going to be a canvas in our new studio space!

Nothing like bribery to keep a kid happy for pictures :)

Hmmmm....what is this sugary goodness in my mouth?

I'll have some more, please!

Keep it coming!

That cake was no match for Nathan :)