Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm so glad that it got nice again this week, because it allowed us to get in some last minute sessions before the COLD COLD comes :)

Meet Bella, who also happens to be Katie from Mink Artistry's daughter, and a real cutie! We had a fun little session down in the City Market area yesterday afternoon. I have to say that I love her outfit, I love her little Shih Tzu, Molly, and I love how expressive and care-free she is. This was my first session with her, and usually kids around the 4 year old mark are a little nervous at first, but not Bella. She was hamming it up for me the whole time :)

Some of my favorites...

I love this image...A LOT!

You can't hold that smile in...

told you!

Little girls in tu-tu's are always cute. ALWAYS!

My favorite image from the session. I think this would look great in our studio. What do all my readers think?

Love it!

I told you she hammed it up for me :)

Waiting patiently, looking cute