Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Conversations with an almost 4 year old and an almost 2 year old are always quite interesting. I decided to share a few from over the past few days. And, these are just some of the ones I can remember. I sometimes wish I had a little voice recorder and I knew exactly when to turn it on to record some the randomness that comes out of their mouths :)

Here's a couple of recent ones with Max :)
Conversation #1
Max - "Daddy, I don't want to be bad anymore."
Me - "You're not bad, why do you say that?"
Max - "When I'm bad, the policemen will come get me and lock me up in the circle building by Heather's studio." (for clarification, Heather's studio is located across the street from the police station)
Me - "No they won't."
Max - "But, when there are lions and tigers in people's houses, the policemen can't get them, but Spider-Man will come save everyone!" Notice how the topic randomly switched :)
Me - "He will, huh?"
Max - "Yep, Spider-Man will take the lions and tigers to the circle building by Heather's studio and lock them up!"
Me - "I love you, Max!"
Max - "I love you, too, Daddy"

Conversation #2
Me - "It's time to say our prayers, buddy."
Max - "I'm thankful for Great-Grandma Bernice, and Great-Grampa Larry, and Great-Grampa Ava, and Great-Grampa Lia, and Great-Grampa Momma, and Great-Grampa Dadda, and Great-Grampa Poppa and EE, and Great-Grampa Zoey, and Great-Grampa Nathan, and Great-Grampa all my other friends, and Great-Grampa all my favorite cars, and Great-Grampa all of my other toys..."

It goes on and on, and has become one of Max's proven tactics to stall at bed-time :)

Conversation #3
Max - "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Me - "Depends, what are you thinking?"
Max - "I'm thinking about giant robots, and how I can turn into one."
Me - "That's not what I was thinking."
Max - "I want to turn into a giant robot and knock all those houses down over there."
Me - "That's not very nice."
Max - "But I'm a giant robot and I can do what I want!"
Me - "Good point"

I have some good ones with Ava as well, such as:

Note: Please pay absolutely no attention to Ava's hair. My fingers aren't physically small enough to do her bo-bo's, and Jenny never did her hair on this particular day.
Conversation #1
Me - "Where did Ava go?"
Ava - (covering up her eyes) "Don't know!" (gets big grin on her face)

Conversation #2
Ava - "I want that for my birthday!" (as we snuggle up on the couch watching cartoons in the morning)
Me - "We'll see"
Ava - "I want that for my birthday!"
Me - "We'll see"
Ava - "I want that for my birthday!"

And, so it goes after every commercial. I do have to give a big thank you to Max for teaching Ava how to say, I want that for my birthday. Especially because both of their birthdays are coming up next weekend, so we get to hear those 6 words A LOT :)

Conversation #3
Ava - "Elephant gonna get us, elephant gonna get us!" (hides under the table)
Me - "What elephant, baby?"
Ava - "The big one right thurr!"
Me - "I don't see it."
Max - "But, daddy, we're just pretending! There's no real elephant."
Me - "Oh, I see now, I was scared for a second :)"

Note: Ava started doing this elephant gonna get us game completely out of the blue, and I have no idea where it came from, but it sure is cute. Dang, I love my kiddos :)

And, for good measure, here's a shot of Max lovin' on Lia (which happens quite often) and makes me :)