Sunday, November 16, 2008

Parker & Presley: 1 Year

After our morning shoot, we had our second session with these blue-eyed twins. They remembered us immediately and really hammed it up for us. I think they were taking turns trying to outperform one another :). Make sure you check out Presley's headbands... hmm... is Presley's mom friends with Paige's mom? Yep! Parker and Presley's mom contacted us about taking their pictures after she saw Paige's newborn photos on the blog. Since we no longer advertise, word of mouth is the ONLY way we get new clients. And we like it that way! So what's our favorite thing about new clients? When they become repeat clients :)

So, on to our favorites...

Parker kept trying to love on his sweet!

How awesome is this outfit?

Big blue eyes!

How darling is Presley here?

She loved Jenny, too (which makes my job easier)
One of my favorites!

Yep, we're just chillin'

Trying to keep the wave alive :)


The youngest, cutest, twin Jayhawk fans :)