Friday, June 20, 2008

Take Your Dog to Work Day:)

Today was National Take Your Dog to Work Day, and I headed out with Wayside Waifs to the KC Crime Lab where they had a nice BBQ and tons of treats. We had a few dogs from the shelter and they were mingling with all of the CSI-Kansas City dogs. Lots of fun ensued! There were way too many cute ones to share all of them, but here are a few of my favs from the day!

The first 4 dogs are all looking for a home, so head out to Wayside Waifs to pick one of them up!

I love the energy of this dog!

Look at those big 'ol pink ears:)
Who doesn't love a belly rub?

So intense:)

**The rest of the dogs already have homes, but I wanted to share all the cuteness.**

I loved this dog...

and his/her brother/sister.

I can take 'em, let me take 'em:)

How adorable is this doggie?

I love this big 'ol tongue:)

Some more dogs getting to know each other:)

Yes, I'm cute and I know it!