Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Fun!

I love the summer time! It's always a blast to grab my camera and take random pics of the kiddos playing with Zoey on any given day:) Here's what we did this morning!

Oops, before we get to that, how do you like Ava's new do? This shot was taken the other day.

Now for our fun-filled morning:)

First they washed the car.

Kids make the best faces while doing random things...I love it!

Then they washed the garage:)

Then they dumped water on each other

Then they washed the garage again

Then they washed me:)

Zoey and Max absolutely love this water's by far the best $40 we've ever spent

I love this pic:)

Ava wanted nothing to do with the water this morning, but she was still having fun!

I wish they made Sit-N-Spins big enough for me:)

All in favor of blowing this one up for Max's wall, raise your hands....Me, right here, me (as Jenny is probably shaking her head somewhere in disgust). You see, Max has pushed this car for 2 years now, every single day, back and forth, back and forth (it's Zoey's), and this is by far my favorite shot I've ever snatched of him pushing this car. Look at how much fun he's having! Come on, Jenny, let's make this happen!

Ava decided she wanted to spin around in circles to make herself dizzy...

when she did finally fall, she kissed her own owiees:)

Who's the big girl riding the big girl bike?
Inseparable. I feel sorry for the teacher that gets these 2 in the same class:)

And, I hate to end this post on a sad note, but yesterday, my parents' dog, Twinkie, decided to lay down and not wake up. Please send some positive vibes to my parents. Twinkie was a wonderful Chow-Shepherd mix, who was the sweetest dog in the whole wide world. Even after she lost her eyesight a few years ago, she never stopped smiling. She was always great to my kids, and loved everyone that she possibly could. Now she's smiling down on all of us from a better place.

This was a shot I took of her on my mom's birthday last month. RIP, Twink, we'll all miss you and your lovely black tongue.