Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Shots, June 2008

For our June shoot, we headed west to Louisburg, Kansas! It sounds way more exciting than it was, which was a bummer, because Drew and I talked like Louisburg was going to be the best town we've ever been to! We took a really weird way home (thanks GPS) and did see some cool things in Freeman, MO, though. Enjoy!

These first 3 images would make a great series for a wall, and might be some of my favorite random shots in a very long time!

Random old lookin' walls always excite me (I know, I'm easily amused)

Then we found Freeman on the way home. Which one do you like better...#1? **Side note - I have absolutely no idea who Bill Cook is, but his bright Green & Yellow sign adds to the photo, maybe?

or #2? **Side Note 2 - Like I said, I couldn't make up my mind about the Bill Cook sign, thoughts?

They have awesome security systems in Freeman, don't they?

Next month's random shots will either be in Pleasant Hill, or possibly a junk yard my parents told me about near where they got Otis, who knows.