Tuesday, June 3, 2008

St. Louis, Day 1

This past weekend was our last weekend without a wedding for quite some time, so we decided to make the most of it and take a little road trip to St. Louis. We headed down there on Saturday morning after Max's soccer, and had a blast! This is the first of 3 posts documenting our weekend. Enjoy!

When we got to St. Louis, our GPS found the World Aquarium inside of the City Museum. Max was excited for this place right away as he noticed the big school bus hanging off the top of the building. Inside was the aquarium, and 3 levels of fun for everyone!

Ava got to touch a turtle:)

This was a huge stingray touching area

Max liked throwing the balls at me:)

Ava didn't know what she had coming...

but she laughed anyway! What's really funny is when you show her this picture, she starts cracking up!

Poor Ava fell backwards at the end of this roller slide and Max thought it was funny. She didn't get hurt, so I do too!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get Day 2 up.