Friday, June 20, 2008

Sprinkler Fun:)

We got a new sprinkler. Zoey came over. Ava got thirsty. I took pictures:)

I told you Ava got thirsty:)

Seriously, how cute are these two?

I love how in all of these, Zoey is pulling Max through the water:)

Here's Nate...what's that look for?

Oh, it's Ava:)

Ava sure does love Nate...she's actually sharing with him!

Now, here is our life while trying to get the kids ready for bed. Max is an absolute bundle of energy. He tears through the house screaming like nobody's business, and you can't ever get him to calm down. Well, tonight was no different, except he was jumping off of everything he possibly could. Of course it was cute, and I had to grab my camera and encourage this wonderful behavior before bed. Mommy definitely loves when I encourage good habits:)

First, it was Ava's bed, but that wasn't high enough, so he moved to his bed...

Then he moved to his window-sill, because it's just a little bit higher (I know this pic is blurry, but I love it anyway)

These next two shots are Max at his finest, and they might be some of my favorite pics ever of him (I know, I keep saying that)

Here's the money shot! Look at how much fun he's having!