Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Over the hurdle

My 'lil bud is growing up way too fast, and he started pre-school this morning. The worst part is that he didn't shed one tear, and I did :)

What better way to start the day than a fresh apple fritter?

I don't know if he was excited for school, or it was the sugar, either way, he's happy :)

I love watching Max try and get himself dressed, it's just plain funny!

Putting on his new Cars socks.

I love photography for the stories that are behind the images. Max is smiling here because he saw Zoey leaving for pre-school (of course, they are in the same class).

Ready to go...and a little nervous.

Walking in for the first time. I wish I knew what thoughts were going through Max's head here.

All the bright, shiny new backpacks.

His first task...color their names!

I'm glad that Max & Zoey get to share these experiences together. I'm sure it was easier for them having each other close by.

Bye, lil buddy...and here's to a whole new chapter of your life! I'm a wuss, sitting here crying as I type this :)

Some notables after school:
1) Mrs. Amy - "Max and Zoey sure are rambunctious!"
Me - "I know, and they just egg each other on, so good luck!"
2) The first moment when he saw me after school was priceless. I'll never forget how his face lit up with a big smile as he ran as fast as he could and jumped into my arms!
3) I think Ava really missed having Max around, even though he was only gone for 3 hours. It doesn't help any that she's not feeling well right now either.

So, he made it through the first day...and we did, too :)