Monday, September 29, 2008

Engaged: Brooke & Matt

Dirty with lots of bug bites. That's how I left my session with Brooke & Matt this evening. Oh, and I'm exhausted and desperate for a good nights rest :)

But, we had a blast! Brooke had no problems walking through muddy, spider infested trees in a cute dress to sit on a dirty tree branch for me. She didn't even complain when I had her lie on her back in some damp grass. So, a big round of applause goes out to Brooke & Matt for letting me do what I do :)

I love this one a LOT!

Their dog, Daisy, tries to play tough, but she couldn't fool me :)

How cute is Daisy?

"Rub my belly for good luck"

So sweet!

My favorite shot of the day!

I have really been pushing myself lately to try new things, so what do you all think of this last shot?